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Tweets Of The Week: Bradford, Zat's What

Twitter. What did we do before it, eh?

Ian Walton/Getty Images


We'll start back before our first leg draw with Bradford, when this Reading fan had a dig at one of our best players...


What is it Dizzee said... Bruh, don't make me get #OldSkool? Oh, I dunno. Anyway, this looked fun.

We felt you, Becky, we really did.


Once in a lifetime photograph. (NB: This is not a selfie, as Mr Deanoo didn't take it himself. #knowledgeispower)


Ironic that a journalist from The Times mocks us for having Waitrose as a sponsor, don't ya think?

Valley Parade banter.

Pearce: Captain, Leader, Le—nah, but he's hard, isn't he?

Replay outrage.

Breezing over the Brighton game, but good to see SWEET CAROLINE return.

Zat Knight puns.

Keen observation.

Verity knows what's what.

Skipping over the Watford game (did anyone care?)

Cheers ALF.


Front-flipping geez.

Prepare your face for this FACT.


Finally, upon the announcement of our date at Wembley being on Saturday—and therefore our editor missing the game—GetReading reporter Charles Watts has a suggestion...

Tough luck.