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Tilehurst End Mugs - An Unprofessional Joke Of A Fundraising Attempt

We teased you with them a while back but now here's your chance to own some TTE merchandise while simultaneously helping us out as a website.

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The Tilehurst End has never and will never be about making money. What we do here is simply for the love of the club and a desire to provide fans with some informed analysis of what's going on at Reading while also giving supporters a place to share their own opinions.

With that being said, we're always looking to grow and offer a new and improved experience and sadly you sometimes need money for things like buying more merch, improving the audio quality of the podcast and so on.

So we decided to buy some mugs and print them with our (hopefully one day famous) 'An unprofessional joke' slogan you may have heard on The Tilehurst End podcast a few times.

To start with we're simply selling three of these on eBay as a test to see how they go. The reason they're in an auction is because we wanted fans to be able to pay what they felt the mug was worth.

So if you want to own one feel free to bid on any of the auctions below and if you've got any questions at all please drop us an email to

Hopefully if this round goes well we can do a few more mugs and other such fun TTE based things but if they flop, well..... let's just say I'm going to fire Royal Hoops, or throw him into a volcano, something along those evil lines****

Listing 1

Listing 2

Listing 3

Oh and here's the reverse side of the mug.

TTE Mug Pic 2

**** Obviously I won't throw Hoops into a volcano, where am I going to find a volcano?