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View From The Town End: Charlton Athletic

So it's back to the Championship and a trip to Charlton where Valley Talk Blog give us their view on tomorrow's match with Reading FC.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

How would you sum up Charlton's season so far?

That's a tough question because we've been all over the place. I'd guess I'd sum it up in three phases: First 10 games we were a solid, hard-to-break-down side that ground out some impressive wins. Next 20 we were a sorry shambles that hardly picked up a point. Last eight we've been one of the best teams in the league. Go figure.

Your managerial situation has been fairly fluid these past couple of seasons, do you think it's settled down now?

You'd like to think so, but unfortunately it's way too early to say that based on previous experience. At some stage, fans have been pretty happy with all three of our most recent managers only for things to fall apart due to sub-par performances and/or incomprehensible decisions made by the bizarro set-up now installed at the club.

Charlton took a narrow win at the Madejski earlier this season, what did you make of Reading that day and from what you've seen and heard since?

I wasn't there that day... Sorry. What's made the most impression on me from Reading since was that lad "Pudding" who staged a pitch invasion last week. He was great. Danny Williams is cool too.

Simon Church looks to have come in from the wilderness, what do you make of the Wales forward?

I like Simon Church. But unfortunately I belong to a pretty small fan club at the Valley. I think he's a useful player whose movement off the ball is far more intelligent and useful than I think some managers/fans give him credit for. But he's not been hard done by, other strikers have much more to offer the side so it's understandable he's struggled for games.

Who else should Reading fans be wary of on Saturday?

Tony Watt is a force of nature. He's one of the most exciting players we've had at Charlton for quite a while and if he can carry on his current form into next season he could lead the league's scoring charts. Johann Gudmundsson also worth watching out for - can pull one out from pretty much anywhere and has done exactly that on a few occasions this season.

Any Reading player that you're not looking forward to facing?

No, not really!

Score prediction?

4 - 1 Charlton.

Finally, any tips for travelling Royals?

Get on the train from London Bridge early and get off at Greenwich for a drink and/or something to eat. If you're on a chilled one Greenwich Market is packed full of awesome food stalls and if you're drinking there's a lot more to choose from pub-wise. Oh, and the fish bar right outside the away entrance is class.

Thanks again to Joe from Valley Talk for answering the questions and you can follow the lads on Twitter @ValleyTalkBlog