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Semi-Finals Ticket Summary: Day One

With the first day of sales for the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley wrapped up, we sum up the state of play as 8,500 tickets were sold.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Today was the first of two days exclusively set for season ticket holders, with large queues developing on all fronts and even a fan camping outside the ticket office from 2am to make sure she got a ticket for Wembley - did anyone tell her there are 30,000 odd?

During the first day queues reached around 45 minutes to an hour at the ground, and dissipated by early evening with a few sections sold out, ahead of the office closing at 9pm. Here they are:

Red: Still available in person for blocks 105, 118 and 119. They are completely sold out online or by phone. This means almost all lower tier halfway-line seating has been snapped up - which was also the most expensive section of seating. Furthermore, this section also had the smallest number of tickets. The halfway-line sections of 102 and 122 were the first to sell out this morning.

Blue: Two sections are 'unavailable' according to the club: 110 and 118. Block 110 is one of the behind-the-goal sections, with 118 holding a very small number of tickets due to being split with the end of the red section. Blocks 501 and 527 - on the halfway line in the upper-tier were announced as 'close to selling out' earlier today but no 'sold out' confirmation has been made, as of yet.

Green: The only Green block - the cheapest pricing band - unavailable as of this evening was 511, at the back of the upper tier and also behind the goal.

Yellow: No news on any selling out today, on phone/online  or in person, despite waits of up to an hour for the red/yellow offices, but there should be plenty of these upper-tier seats.

For a full overview of the block numbers and positioning of Wembley, click here.

On The Tilehurst End

With the ticket sales kicking off today, Hoops wrote this excellent piece on why he probably won't get a ticket - and why that's okay. We also have our semi-final 'Full Coverage' piece holding all the key info as we count down to April 18th. In addition, we noticed how things could be a lot worse; in case anyone is confused by Reading's process of semi-final ticket sales, check out Aston Villa's!


Tomorrow is the second day of season ticket holders-only purchases, again opening at 10am and closing 9pm. If one is to speculate, a few more best-view blocks will slowly sell out but there will probably be less queues at the Mad Stad and online/phones.

Did you get a ticket today? What block did you choose, and why? Comment below.