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Semi-Final Ticket Summary: Day Three

The first opportunity for non-season ticket holders to buy saw another surge in sales, as the Royals sell almost half of their Wembley allocation in three days.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Those blessed with over 1500 royalty points could join the season ticket holders in today's queues, with more blocks beginning to sell out alongside those already snapped up. The club confirmed that 13,700 tickets had been sold by 17:30 this evening.

Here is the block-by-block summary as of the end of day three.

Red: Sold-out. The smallest, most expensive section of seats were virtually gone on day one and are now off sale, fully-booked.

Blue: Blocks 110 and 118 are fully sold out - behind the goal and on the southern corner respectively. Blocks 105, 112, 113 in the lower tier are off sale via online, and must be bought in person. Again, these are on the corner and behind the goal. The side-of-the-pitch, upper-tier seating blocks of 526 and 527 are in the same state, with 'very limited' ticket office sales going. This was confirmed by the club early this morning, but we have no word of these blocks fully selling out.

Yellow: No word yet on the yellow seating. However, this writer can confirm two seats have gone in the front-row of block 509 - to yours truly.

Green: Block 511, which may have been offered out first, is sold out. Nevertheless, all other blocks seem to have a large supply of tickets available from all purchasing channels.

As per usual, the club are updating their own page - here.

On The Tilehurst End

There's plenty of ticket-based tweets to be found in Hoops' TOTW, and we've also learnt of those Reading players who won't be travelling to Wembley as two midfielder departed on loan tonight.

We also linked in with an article about one Reading manager who had a mixed relationship with the FA Cup, as Steve Coppell opened up on his career and future with the Daily Mail.


Member card holders with 750+ points can buy from tomorrow, with 600+ in the frame from Saturday.

Queues probably won't be too bad - they weren't today for sure - and hopefully we'll see some more signs that we'll sell out comfortably. If you're going down to the Mad Stad to buy, here's the full Wembley Map of blocks. in the mean-time, stay tuned to TTE for the latest developments and updates.