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Reading FC Supporters' Trust Gives Reaction To Stewarding Controversy

The Supporters' Trust At Reading (STAR) have given their response to the stewarding incident from the Nottingham Forest game that's caused uproar amongst some Reading FC fans.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

So far we've heard from some of the fans who saw the incident as well as the club themselves who released a statement yesterday.

Here's what STAR have had to say on their official website.

The atmosphere in the first half on Saturday was great but the incident in Y19 changed that. We've seen conflicting reports from fans about what happened and we've now had the official response from the Club. STAR unequivocally supports their statement that both fans and the club want the same thing - a loud, supportive atmosphere at all our games. It was obviously an unhappy and unsatisfactory situation on Saturday but we recognise that the club has committed to an investigation of the incident and we offer to play a full part in that.

We applaud the Club's recognition that issues such as safe standing are important to fans and are supported by the Club, and look to continue to work with the Club to bring about changes as soon as possible. The whole issue of what is acceptable behaviour nowadays and how it differs between home and away fans is a complex and long-running one. The rules say one thing, custom suggests another and managing the difference requires sensitivity from both stewards and supporters.

We call on all supporters to channel their efforts into giving the players the maximum support at the rest of the games this season and especially at Bradford on Saturday. At the same time we ask the Club and staff to do all they can to allow the fans to provide that support. Finally we ask the manager and players to play their part on the pitch as we all know it's easier supporting a winning, competitive team.

So what do you make of that one Tilehurst Enders? Have STAR captured the mood of the fans' or should they be doing more? Let us know in the comments section below.