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Reading FC Apologise To Fans Over Forest Ejection

Reading FC have issued an apology to two fans ejected during Saturday's 3-0 home defeat to Nottingham Forest. Find out what they've had to say here.

For background on the story you can read the piece we posted on Saturday night here.

After promising an investigation, here's what the club have had to say.

Following the ejection of two supporters from the Y19 section of Madejski Stadium last Saturday, Ray Booth, Stadium Manager, and Jackie Evans, HR & Customer Service Manager/ Supporter Liaison Officer, carried out a full review of the circumstances surrounding the course of action that was taken that afternoon. Although there was evidence of foul language being used, it was not to such an extent that would normally result in supporters being asked to leave.

Ray and Jackie personally met the two supporters this evening and apologised for the wrong course of action being taken on the club's part. Accepting the apology, the supporters have in turn asked that we pass on their apologies to anyone within that area of the stadium whom they may have offended with the use of their language.

We look forward to hearing the two fans cheering the players on at Madejski Stadium in the future and we have also invited them to be part of a continual review of our matchday procedures. We are pleased that STAR, Supporters Trust at Reading, have also agreed to play a part in the review.

As we said in our previous statement on Monday, we actually hope that Saturday's course of events act as a catalyst for more noise at Madejski Stadium. We all want to lift the atmosphere at home and when fans get on their feet and encourage those around them, it really makes such a difference. Ultimately, we truly believe our fans can use Saturday as the springboard for something special.

Reading's Supporters' Trust (STAR) have also given their response to the apology.

STAR welcomes the Club's apology to the two supporters who, the Club accepts, were wrongly ejected on Saturday and we are pleased that the unfortunate incident can be put behind us. The Club is initiating a full review of its match day processes and STAR is pleased to accept the invitation to play a part in this review and also to continue its work with Club to improve and enhance the atmosphere.

Hopefully this draws a line under the whole issue and as the club have said, improves the atmosphere and the steward/fan relationship in the long run. Only time will tell on that front but regardless it's nice to see the club hold their hands up and back the fans.

What do you think Tilehurst Enders? Have the club handled this the right way or does it not go far enough?