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View From The Town End: Bradford City

Ahead of our FA Cup quarter-final with League One Bradford, we're joined by Tom from the Bantams Banter Podcast to discuss the hosts' season so far.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

How would you sum up Bradford's season so far?

League wise - average to good, we're in a really good position just outside the play-offs and are ready to pounce when we get this cup 'malarkey out of the way. We have a team that deserves promotion, whether or not we do could be down to the cup run. But in the past cup runs have only been positive on our league form.

Cup wise - it's obviously been amazing; like a dream. For it to happen again only 2 years after the Capital Once Cup run makes it even more special.

What is it about cup competitions that just seems to suit you?

I think it's the 'sleeping giant' effect. We're in League One and were in League Two for a very long time. Opposition teams in the cup maybe just think our league status represents the type of club we are (small) and become complacent when the game comes. We're definitely not a small club and deserve to be in a higher league with the fan base we have. Don't get me wrong, having an amazing manager, and the players to boot, helps a lot!

Phil Parkinson is well loved by Reading fans after spending more than a decade at the club as a player - how do Bradford fans view him as a manager?

We love him. Actual love.

He is adored by the fans and if he left tomorrow would go down as a legend for what he has brought to the club.

Any fond memories of games between the two sides?

[BB Podcast co-host] Dom went to Reading and his only memory was when he was 15 - fighting on the pitch with a 'cue tip' (what they use on gladiators in the podiums).

Any not so fond ones?

Dom lost the contest in front of 1000's of amused Royals.

Which Bradford player should Reading fans be wary of on Saturday?

Jon Stead - he's in top form scoring in every single FA Cup round so far. It's not just his goal-scoring though, his touch and passing is better than ever. His game has adapted as he's got older and his team play is second to none. Other than Stead, Rory McCardle in defence is your typical Yorkshire defender, hard in the tackle with a hoof ball Xabi Alonso would be proud of.

Any Reading player that you're not looking forward to facing?

Yakubu - he has some good history behind him and even though he is about 47 years old (unofficially), he is capable of a goal or two, like in the last round he could be the difference.

Score prediction?

I think it will be close as Reading will be up for a fight after seeing them against Bolton mid week, 2-1 with Stead and Yeates scoring.

Finally, any tips for Reading fans making the trip?

Enjoy it, Valley Parade is a 'magicial' (without sounding weird) stadium with lots of character and spirit. The atmosphere will be palpable and the occasion whatever the score will be one worth remembering.

Thanks again to Tom from Bantams Banter. You can view their website here. URZZ!