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View From The Town End: Blackburn Rovers

Reading's slow crawl to the end of the Championship season continues with the visit of Blackburn and to get the Rovers view we chatted to Mikey Delap.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

How would you sum up Blackburn's season so far?

Disappointing. After a solid enough start we put ourselves in a good position for a promotion push around December time but poor form and uninspiring performances since then have meant we've slipped back into the mid-table pack - which is pretty much where we deserve to be based on the sums of our efforts.

The manager has continued to be a steady presence but seems to lack the spark and the tactical flexibility to take us up to a more competitive level at the business end of the table. Meanwhile some players have blown hot and cold at various points this season with it very rarely coming together all at the same time. Frustrating is another word I'd use.

The saving grace has been the recently ended FA Cup run, which has been a splendid side distraction... shame only one of us ended up at Wembley. Even worse... it was you guys!

After some high profile dissent with the club's owners during your Premier League years things seem to have settle down, are fans now happy with the way the club is being run?

Happy is a bit of a strong word but things have at least calmed down a bit.

We're still operating at a heavy loss, which whilst being reduced is not exactly what I would call satisfactory - as the recent FFP inspired transfer embargo would demonstrate amply.

There's still a long way back for the club to even think about approaching an even keel, but at the very least the owners seem to have shed themselves of the dark, nasty influences of the past. Which is definitely a plus point in the long run.

Blackburn convincingly beat Reading 3-1 earlier this season, what did you make of Reading that day and from what you've seen since?

I think we caught you during a poor patch (from what i understand) - I certainly thought we were the better side on the day and worthy winners.

I suppose I've thought of you as treading water this campaign, you seem to have slipped under the radar in the league to many with you doing enough to keep yourself out of trouble but not doing enough to ruffle the top 6/8 sides' feathers.

I do like Reading as a side though, would be nice to see you benefit from some fresh investment. Although not at our expense naturally.

Anyone you're not looking forward to facing on Saturday?


A rare shining light in the awful days of Steve Kean - he was a big hit at Rovers for a season and his happy, chubby face was always a welcome sight after bagging a goal.

Furthermore, we have an incredible knack of letting former players peg us back when we come against them later down the line - Matt Derbyshire a shining recent example.

Who should Reading fans be wary of?

Rudy Gestede is of course a constant source of aerial nuisance, but he is looking touch and go fitness wise for the weekend.

Elsewhere the likes of Tom Cairney and Ben Marshall are certainly capable of causing problems from wide spots, when they're in the mood.

And finally it would be rude to exclude Jordan Rhodes from this, who will do nothing of real note for 85 minutes and then score.

Score prediction?

Expecting a close game, you might edge this based on our substantial current injury list and midweek cup exploits but I will be a stubborn old boot here and plump for the draw...

1-1. Yak for Reading, Rhodes for Rovers.

Finally who are you tipping to go up and who will join Blackpool in League 1?

I've a sneaky suspicion that Norwich have timed their charge for the automatic spots very well, they'll be joined by Watford in the top two. I'll also put Bournemouth down for a play off win.

Going down will be Wigan, which is a shame. And Millwall... which is absolutely not.

Thanks again to Mikey and you can follow him on twitter @MikeyDelap