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Useful Information For Wembley

Wearing his Football Supporters' Federation hat, The Tilehurst End writer @urzz1871 attended a meeting for supporter representatives and the competing clubs with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and Wembley Stadium Management to discuss the logistics around the FA Cup Semi Final. Here he shares the information that hopefully will be useful to everyone attending Wembley.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Notes from meeting with Met Police, BTP, Wembley Stadium Management, 9th April 2015.


The Met Police intend a "light touch" operation, with a visible presence but officers in normal uniform, i.e. no riot gear. They hope for a nice day for all and have no specific concerns about either semi-final.


Designated pubs list being finalised and will be announced in the next day or so – this won’t specifically list kid-friendly pubs, it is advised pubs with gardens are best for those with kids. Also, bars at the London Designer Outlet are likely to be suitable for kids. There is also "mixed-zone" drinking at the London Designer Outlet.

The official list of designated pubs for Reading Supporters, in the East side of Wembley is:

The Torch, 1 - 5 Bridge Road, Wembley, HA9 9AB

Crock of Gold, 23 Bridge Road, Wembley, HA9 9AB

Moore Spice, Wembley Retail Park, Unit 2, Engineers Way, HA9 0EH

Watkins Folly, 1 Empire Way, Wembley, HA9 0EW

Blue Check Café, 12 - 13 Empire Way, Wembley, HA9 0RQ

Crystal Club (Silverspoon), South Way, Wembley

The Parish, 120 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, HA9 8HP

First Class Sports Bar, 125 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HG

The Wembley Tavern, 121 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HG

Flyers Last Stand (Cheers Bar), 45 Blackbird Hill, NW9 8RS

The area around Wembley is a "Controlled Drinking Zone" – it is an offence to have open-containers of alcohol in this zone. They will be confiscated plus risk of arrest.

Pubs and off-licences will not serve alcohol later than 1 hour before match kick-off. This is an absolutely strict  condition of their licences. Pubs will serve only in plastic glasses – a condition of licence, but many publicans prefer this as they can’t wash glasses fast enough. Similarly, off-licenses will only sell cans – no bottles.

Alcohol will be served in Wembley Stadium from 2 hours before kick-off.


Currently there is no expectation of "dry" trains for Reading fans.

After expected match end, there are 29 trains (c. 7 per hour) back from Paddington, last one approx. 11.30pm. The expectation is that most Reading fans will come in via Paddington or the Chiltern Line – there are no planned engineering works to disrupt this.

BTP will have a visible presence on stations and trains but again are aiming for "soft-touch" policing. Incidents of inappropriate chanting will be pursued and prosecuted.

London will be busy on a Saturday – there are 5 other games in the city and 12 "pass-throughs" that day, so allow plenty of time to get to the stadium. Baker Street/Euston Road area in particular will be crowded.

The stadium

  • Special attention being paid to stop pitch incursions.
  • Anyone with pyros will be prosecuted.
  • Drug dogs will be in operation at turnstiles.
  • Keep your tickets safe en route!
  • Absolutely no tickets available on the day.
  • Don’t buy from touts – illegal and no guarantee your ticket is genuine.
  • "Tops-off" policy for drinks on entry to the stadium.

Flags etc

Wembley staff will try and be helpful and flexible. Guidelines for flags are :

  • No abusive messages
  • Maximum size allowed is approx. 250cm at longest dimension.
  • For flags with poles, maximum length approx. 1 metre, max thickness approx. 1cm diameter.

Wembley staff will try to assist finding places for banners to be displayed as that adds to the atmosphere and occasion and will try to show discretion, but nothing can be allowed which restricts the sight-lines of others.

For larger flags, arrangements must be made through the football club to Wembley.