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#FlagsForFeds: Show Your Support For Federici

Adam Federici was visibly distraught after his decisive error in extra time against Arsenal in The FA Cup Semi-Final. Let's show him our appreciation.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Put yourself in Adam Federici's shoes.

You've made decisive, remarkable saves against the in-form European team, keeping them—largely—at arm's length and commanding your backline well.

You're a shoe-in for Reading Player of the Year in your first season back in the side since young upstart Alex McCarthy took your spot.

You've had a superb season, comfortably ranking in the top five goalkeepers in the league. Not much has gone wrong... Until that moment.

Sanchez, a former Barcelona forward and recent £35m Arsenal signing has dribbled infield, let fly with a hopeful shot and the ball has come right at you. You've got a touch on it, surely prevented the winning goal, only to look back and see the ball gently rolling over the line and into the back of the net. You scramble, desperate, screaming with anguish that this could happen to you on the biggest stage. Surely not?

Oh, how unfortunate. How undeserved.

The Arsenal fans celebrate, 32,000-odd fans celebrating one error, one unlucky slip. They're in the final, despite the best efforts of the ten other men in front of you. They've done their best, you've done your best, the coaching staff have done their best, yet here we are, just a few seconds of misfortune have crushed thousands of people.

Anywhere but here. You'd rather be anywhere but here. You'll make the headlines. You'll be the main focus of all the major outlets around the world. Remembered in FA Cup history forever, all because you've let a ball slip by you.

Federici's teammates have all shown their support for him. Fans chanted his name at the end of the game. Clarke has backed his man in the press. Fans on the trains were expressing their sympathy for a man who until that point had done no wrong.

Reading fans, let's show our support for the Australia goalkeeper. Let's chant his name, applaud him and give him whatever he needs to bounce back from this most embarrassing of mistakes.

If it weren't for some of his incredible saves, we wouldn't even have made it to extra time. Federici was at the top of his game, denying world-class players time and again. For this, we shouldn't dwell on the one negative of his night but on the number of positives he can take from the game. He deserves it.

Australia flag

The editors of The Tilehurst End have come up with a plan. Fans were always going to do the above. We love him. His name was always going to ring around the Madejski Stadium against Birmingham on Wednesday night. Let's take it a step further: let's grab some Australia flags and bring them to the home game. Let's wave them, hang them, wear them. Let's show the Reading goalkeeper how much he means to us.

The game against Arsenal epitomised what we are. We are family, and he is a valued member. Let's get #FlagsForFeds.