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Federici Apologises For Error; Fans Worldwide Show Support

Fans from all over the world respond with messages of support for the Aussie goalkeeper, who had produced some exceptional saves to take the match to extra time before the cruel incident which decided the FA Cup Semi Final.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It must have been a long weekend for Adam Federici.

After making the unfortunate error which sent Arsenal through to their second consecutive FA Cup Final, Federici left the Wembley Stadium pitch in tears before being selected for random drugs testing after the game. And the Sunday papers weren't sympathetic towards the 'keeper either, diverting all their attention towards that one moment which saw the trophy slip away from the Royals.

Federici took to social media this morning to issue his own apology.

And everyone has rallied around our goalkeeper who made some unbelievable saves to keep the FA Cup dream alive until the extra-time period. Not just Reading fans, but supporters of all clubs from all over the world.

Whilst many will only remember Adam's performance in that one unfortunate moment, there are those who remember his incredible feats not only in the rest of the match but across the season as well. Personally, I'll think about this moment when Federici's name comes up in relation to the match - the save that meant we left Wembley forty minutes later than most people expected.

According to our various match reporters, he's the highest rated player who's been here all campaign, and without him, Royals fans wouldn't have been walking down Wembley Way in the first place - and who knows, we might not be (relatively) safe in the Championship.

The staff of both Reading and Arsenal came out after the game to praise Federici, with opposite number Wojciech Szczesny saying he was "the best player on the pitch" and Arsene Wenger noting he "saved his team on many, many occasions."

We've already started our #FlagsForFeds campaign and we'd love you to get involved. Reading is a family club, and everyone has rallied behind our goalkeeper just as family should. The casual observer might define Federici in that one moment, but we know better.