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Tweets Of The Week: Wembley Woes And #FlagsForFeds

Dear sir, please find attached an EPIC TWEETS OF THE WEEK.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

What. A. Week.

Wembley. Oh my word. How awesome was that?


So close.

Tension. Building.

Game day.

*ahem, Pogrebnyak*

Oh Fedders! *sad face emoji*


Worth knowing.

Oh Hec!

What. A. Day.

So we move on to the superb supporters of Reading Football Club, who well and truly got behind #FlagsForFeds.

I'll disrupt this #FlagsForFeds broadcast with a little bit of... Ahem... Controversy.

As you were.

Mascot bants.


And finally, Curo (yes, really) has joined Twitter. Ahhhhhhhh...