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Reading FC 0-1 Birmingham City - Four Corners

Clayton Donaldson's late winner condemns Reading to another home defeat with not even a goal to celebrate. Wrapping things up, Ethan looks for the four corners of reason from Wednesday's game.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Fans' Spirit

Support for Adam Federici after his blunder at Wembley on Saturday was brilliant and heartfelt. Australian flags were dotted around the stadium and even some inflatable kangaroos were held high. His name was chanted on numerous occasions throughout the game and he admitted soon after that he appreciated the warm gesture. He even went on to say: "It's just been amazing. It just makes you remember what a special place this club is and what it means to me."

Here, there, and everywhere.

Last night was an evening game, held on a school night, just a few weeks before exams start, in a season which has little to offer for Reading fans, yet attendance was still mildly respectable. At 14,604 it wasn't to be considered incredible but the loyal fans were still there and kept a decent atmosphere going. 685 Birmingham fans made the two hour journey down the M40 which is pretty impressive considering they too had very little to play for.

Patience, Possession... Pathetic.

Reading's possession was higher than it has been in quite a while. According to the BBC it was 65%. However, this heightens the already apparent issue of our poor form recently. We've had our fair share of possession in recent matches and even created a large number of chances on goal yet seemingly cannot convert these chances. So often this season, I've seen us dominate the game in terms of chances and possession yet we still concede late on or can't equalise. It's incredibly worrying as Jamie Mackie is the only player who seems able to create a goal out of very little and he's only on loan until the end of the season. I'm pretty sure we'll approach Nottingham Forest to sign him permanently in the summer but if that doesn't work out, Reading FC will have a serious lack of passion and flare.

Curtain Call.

One positive we can take from the game is that we only have three remaining games! The annoying lack of goals and constant poor performances have built up and have a lot of Reading fans desperate to see the end of the season. The three remaining fixtures are Brentford (H) this Saturday, Rotherham (A), and Derby (A) at 12.15 on the last day.