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2015/16 Season Ticket Prices Announced

Prices frozen for the sixth season in a row, and news of a couple of new age bands to help younger supporters out.

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

The club released the details on their website this morning, and there are a few interesting takeaways.

- Season ticket prices have been frozen for the sixth year in a row which is a good gesture from the club, although they could hardly justify increasing the prices on recent form! That includes renewals as well as new customers (who pay slightly more), so it's good to see that the new Thai ownership want to continue the work of the last few years rather than suddenly hike prices up.

- As mentioned, two new age bands which will please younger supporters. The 18-21 "concession" band has been widened to include young adults up to the age of 24 now (this writer is certainly pleased, for one year at least), so those at the top end of that age bracket will pay roughly £250 less for their season tickets. And supporters ages 7 and under get a free season ticket when bought with a full paying adult or concession. There's also a new Family Season Ticket available - more details on the above link. The club is clearly attempting to ensure younger fans are encouraged to come and support the team, and grow the next generation of Royals supporters.

- Renewal is available until Friday 29th May, with the Movers Period beginning on Wednesday 3rd June.

There's nothing bad to say about this announcement really - the club were always unlikely to lower their prices despite the disappointing League campaign, but equally couldn't really justify putting them up (especially after seeing the crowds dwindle towards the end of the season). The two new age bands are a good move and will help the younger generation continue to - or start to - support Reading, which is never a bad thing.

Are you renewing next year? Would you have preferred a price decrease or are you happy with a freeze in cost? Let us know below.