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Reading FC 0-2 Brentford Media Wrap

The last home game of a season is meant to be a joyous occasion celebrating the season we have had. Fitting then that we ended with another home defeat. Here's what the media had to say.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So starting with SkySports and they pretty much summed up our season: we create chances but spurn them. They also go on to say that in the end Brentford held on with ease and if you can bare to watch it, the highlights are here.

The BBC are equally not bothering to focus on us now we're safe, and the report for this match is very much about how Brentford kept their season alive.

Looking at GetWestLondon - they again focus on a comprehensive Brentford display and are now hoping that we can do a job at Derby next Saturday!

A similar theme is carried by London24 who also are hoping that the Royals can do a job at the iPro Stadium, and quote Clarke as saying "we are stuck in a rut."

Looking at our own GetReading, once again Charles Watts pulls no punches, describing our recent results as "relegation form" and the usual "finishing let us down again." To be fair I think you will be hard pressed to find even the most 'looking through rose tinted spectacles" fan disagreeing with that analysis, and he is correct this season can't end soon enough.

The Daily Mail are one of a few nationals that actually have any coverage on us with pretty much the same angle as the Sky report, however, they have a few good pictures.

Typically the Reading FC site try to be a little more upbeat, however even they comment that the season cannot end quick enough.

And that pretty much is that, a disappointing end to the home league campaign, and FA Cup aside, a forgettable season. We have two games on the road to draw this season to an end and for my money these are two opportunities to see if our kids are good enough. Let's be honest the first team have hardly set the world alight.

I will be back on Wednesday with the review from the Rotherham game, which should get some inches given that its part of the relegation battle, and again on Sunday with the reaction from Derby.