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Win An Art Of Football Tee Competition: The Winner

A couple of weeks ago we teamed up with Art of Football to give one Tilehurst End reader a chance to win a tee commemorating our trip to Wembley - Here's the results.

We asked you to share your FA Cup memories and after deliberating the various entries, we picked Wattie67 to win the prize after he recounted his first game....

Kettering Town, November ‘79. I Went with my mate from school and his folks they were season ticket holders. It was my first ever game -I remember catching Mike Kearney and Steve Hetzke as they went through the players entrance and they signed my programme.

We went through the turnstile and I bought a cup of bovril -it must have been heated to the temperature of the sun, man I scalded my tongue!

One thing that will never leave me, and I saw the same in my son's eyes when I took him to his first match ; when you walk up the steps and see the pitch for the first time in all its glory. Such an awesome sight......

I barely remember the game other than going 2:1 down before half time. The second half brought three Reading goals and a first round win and I was hooked!

Reading have come a long way since those Elm Park days, the Madejski is an impressive place for sure- but there was a certain magic around that old stadium, I do miss it!

Congratulations Wattie! If you leave us a comment with an email address or a twitter handle we can contact you on, we'll arrange for the shirt to be sent to you as soon as possible.

Commiserations to those of you who didn't win, but Art of Football are running a special sale this weekend where you can get 25% off all products using the code EASTER.