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View From The Town End: Cardiff City

Ahead of tomorrow's game with Cardiff City we talk Sean Morrison, Adam Le Fondre, the change back to blue from red and plenty more with Bluebirds fan Simon Richards.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

How would you sum up Cardiff's season so far?

I was watching the leaders debate the other night and saw Plaid Cymru head honcho Leanne Wood on stage waxing Lyrical about Enurin Bevan and cutting the deficit by taxing the use of the word 'butt', however in reality if she wanted to win Welsh votes she could have simply replaced every word with 'BALE', such is the adoration felt for the Real Madrid star across the principality.

Following Wales is a real pleasure at the moment (esp considering each game costs just £15) and in truth Cardiff's season has had to take a back seat to the national team, in my eyes at least. The chance to get to our first major final for 58 years has somewhat overshadowed Cardiff's heroic race for 12th place.

Bizarrely though, regardless of the banality and mundaneness of this season for Cardiff it will go down in the history books, and it will be celebrated for years to come. We're back to blue and all is good in the world. Apart from having an average manager, a despot madman at the helm and loaning or selling our best players to other Championship teams; all is rosy.

Loaning our top scorer, Kenwynne Jones, to Bournemouth may seem like a strange decision but it's simply recognition that our season is over. It also points to Vincent Tan looking to save as much money as possible before he sells the club after the end of the season.

Russell Slade was fairly new to the job when we faced each other earlier this season, now he's had a few months in the job how do fans feel about him as boss?

I think Russell found it difficult to juggle managing Cardiff and playing loveable Lolly pop man Alan in Valleys comedy Stella at the start of his tenure.

He's still bloody struggling now. In fairness to Slade he has taken a thankless task and I feel a great deal of sympathy for him. He was asked to cut in the region of £10 Mill from the wage bill but still expected to create a promotion chasing team. This was his big chance after years of grafting in the lower leagues but he seems to be Tan's accountant and skivvy.

Most of the back room work seems to be done by former Welsh international Paul Trollope, who joined the club as Head coach in February. My money is on him replacing Slade in the summer.

Reading lost that game 2-1 before winning a cup tie 2-1 at the Cardiff City Stadium back in January, what did you make of Reading in those games and from what you've seen and read since?

Poor season by the looks of it but let's be honest who bloody cares, you're going to Wembley. What I've seen of Reading this season has been from FA cup game and I thought you've looked quite strong. However you have to think that the players' minds will be off the league and firmly focused on the glamour tie with Arsenal. No matter how many times the players or manager might say that they have to concentrate on each game it would be understandable if the mind wanders.

Adam Le Fondre and Sean Morrison also arrived from Reading over the summer, what have you made of the pair?

Not much in reality. Morrison was severely overpriced and Le Fondre never really got going before his loan move to Bolton. However he's shown his class since the switch scoring more goals in 10 games for the Trotters than in 23 for Cardiff.

Even Morrison scored more than Le Fondre, the strong centre back has played the majority of games in the ccfc rearguard this season and has steadily improved after a nervous start to his Bluebirds career.

Who should Reading fans be wary of tomorrow?

Hard to pick really. Eoin Doyle was a free scoring striker in the lower leagues and has looked okay so far, while Everton Loanee Callum McAleny is set to start his first game up front. Probably our most exciting player is Scottish winger Matthew Kennedy, who has quick feet but is a little light weight.

Any Reading players you're not looking forward to facing?

I have no doubt that Chelsea loanee Nathan Ake will have a storming debut, coming of the bench to score his first professional goal.

The two Welsh heroes from that great night in Tel Aviv should get a good reception from the visiting fans.

Score prediction?

Our away form has been half decent so I think we'll get something from the game - 2-0 win for the Bluebirds........

Finally, how good is it to be back in blue?

It is superb. It's hard to explain to someone the importance of kit colour. During our promotion winning campaign I felt my self drift further and further away from the team i've supported for 2 years - in the end as I stood on the CCS pitch after we claimed a historic promotion I wasn't bothered. This team that had meant so much to me was gone. So much so that I only went to 3 home games in the prem league season.

So it's great to get the team back and back in blue - but it will take time to get back to the way it was. In the meantime there's the little matter of France 2016 to get excited about.......