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Ref-Watch: Cardiff City (H)

There never really is an international break for refs, so the last two weeks will have been business as usual for SCOTT DUNCAN, who takes charge against Cardiff City today.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Scott Duncan has a net worth of 6 billion US Dollars. So why is he refereeing in the Football League? Well, actually he's not. That Scott Duncan is a businessman from across the pond.

The Scott Duncan we're concerned about does not have a 10 figure sum in his bank account - unfortunately for him. He's an official from Northumberland who was promoted to the Football League's list in 2013, making him fairly new to all of this red card, yellow card malarkey.

Actually I take that back, before becoming an official, Duncan was a referee coach, meaning he probably does know quite a bit about blowing the whistle.

His newness to the Football League does mean that this is the first time he has ever taken charge of a Reading game, so the jury remains out on his capability. But judging by his statistics, Reading and Cardiff players might just want to be careful, as Duncan has handed out 79 yellows and 3 red cards in 31 games this season. As well as this, he has given seven penalties since the start of the campaign. This includes two in one game when Watford visited Blackpool in September.

As he's got no previous with the Royals, take what you will from the fact that Cardiff have lost their only previous game with Duncan in charge, as they fell to a 1-0 defeat at Millwall earlier this season. Before the Charlton game two weeks ago (yes the international break has taken its toll), Reading's visit to South Wales in the league was the only time we've had a player sent off this season, as Alex Pearce received his marching orders, so hopefully that's nothing to go by either.