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Tweets Of The Week: Ticket Panic And Internationals

The International Break has not blessed us with much entertainment over the past fortnight. The games against Cardiff and Blackpool failed to resolve that issue. Luckily, Twitter may just save us.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

We'll go back to the month of March, where we're slapped in the face with a graph.

Guthrie doesn't hold back on his joy at leaving the club. I think many fans are chuffed he's off the books.

In comes Ghaniain speedster Kwesi Appiah. I couldn't be 'Appiah we finally have a striker with pace...

Harry Kane scored for England, but this fella doesn't think he's worth the hype.

There was minor panic that the Semi-Final against Arsenal would go to General Sale. Jacob threatened mass murder. Or mass blood donation. Who knows? (aka Ticket Panic Pt I)

This cat's tempted to nab a ticket to Wembley. Also, I'm impressed with the sheer amount of tickets on that ~lovely~ rug.


A fine mess they made of that one... Chortle.

Ticket Panic Pt II.

Back-up goalie Mikkel Andersen is expecting. Well, not him, his missus.

Danny Williams was back with the big boys over the International break.

As was Feds.

And Akpan.


Or is it?

In the end he turned up at Cardiff. Ho hum.

Moving on and that lovable Aussie we have between the sticks may just be on the way this summer. For free.

Yeah. Take that, Blackpool...


Oh. We didn't beat Blackpool. That was obvious.