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TTE Player Of The Season 2014/15 Results

We asked you to pick your top three players for the 2014/15 season. Here's how you voted.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

The top three were predictable enough, as the same trio featured in the official Player Of The Season vote. We used a points system with your votes to decide the outcome - a 1st place pick took 5 points, a 2nd place took 3 points, and a 3rd place took 1 point. Ultimately, whether it was worked out just on first picks or the points system, the result was the same - and comprehensive.

Adam Federici took 63% of your #1 picks to comfortably pick up our Player Of The Season award, finishing on a grand total of 647 points. Michael Hector finished in 2nd with 462 points, helped by taking 26% of the 1st picks and 53% of the 2nd picks, whilst Jamie Mackie grabbed 51% of your 3rd place votes to help him towards 193 points and the bronze medal.

It's no real surprise to see Federici take our award, being the standout player in an otherwise uninspiring season (FA Cup aside). Hector's improvement and development over the season has been a joy to behold, whilst Mackie's tireless running and purple patch around March helped energise the FA Cup run.

Thanks for all your votes and congratulations to Adam, taking a clean sweep of all the Player Of The Season awards at the club! A full breakdown of the results is below. Later this month, we'll have a breakdown of our Player Ratings and Man Of The Match awards to see who's performed well under the radar!

Tilehurst End Player Of The Season Winners

2014/15 Adam Federici

2013/14 Jordan Obita