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The Torment Of Choosing A Season Ticket Seat

Hoops has got himself a season ticket. He also had no idea which seat to choose.

How did they choose?
How did they choose?
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

I had no idea picking a seat for your season ticket could be so traumatic.

I was delighted to hear that season tickets this season were frozen in price, because if they'd been raised there would have been a revolt. I was also delighted to hear that they had added a new age bracket, seeing as my reason for not being a season ticket holder to this point was that I couldn't afford one. When I found out tickets for my age were to be only £135, I was ecstatic. Crackin'.

However, you may have seen on Twitter just how indecisive I was. I have friends in Y19, but I know two of my fellow The Tilehurst End editors sit in Y25. I thought it would be simple to pick between the two, to just go for it; I logged into the Reading FC Direct website and my commitment-phobic brain kicked in.

Do you really want to sit there? Why would you pick that stand? Hold on, wouldn't that seat be better?

There?! For a whole season?

Picture credit: Reading FC

The anguish was real. My fellow The Tilehurst End editors will tell you how many messages I sent over to them, asking for their expert opinion. I'm surprised I haven't had glitter sent through to my door.

In the end, after much deliberation, I've ended up in row FF of the Y22 block. And breathe.

Not bad seats, though perhaps a little higher than I'd like. I suppose we'll see just how much I like them when movers period comes around, or when the 2015/16 season kicks off. Only time will tell.

So, where are you sat? How long have you sat there? Did you go through a similarly difficult period of picking where to sit? Let us know in the comments below.