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Your Reading FC Rookie Of The Year Winner 2014/15

We launched our first ever Rookie of the Year vote a couple of weeks back and now we can reveal who you voted the best young Reading FC newcomer from the past season.

The full criteria for the vote was listed on the original article but in summary the award was designed to recognise young Reading FC players who have made their first impacts during the past season.

We had five nominees in the end, with Jake Cooper, Ryan Edwards, Aaron Kuhl, Jack Stacey and Jake Taylor all up for the vote. 5 points were awarded for a first place vote, with 3 for second and 1 for third.

And so here's how you voted.

Reading FC Rookie of the Year vote

Once the votes were counted up here was the final points tally.

Rank Name Points
1 Jake Cooper 902
2 Aaron Kuhl 476
3 Jake Taylor 212
4 Jack Stacey 169
5 Ryan Edwards 41

So a massive congratulations to Jake Cooper who wins the award after a season that saw him break into the first team without any prior Championship experience and go on to score two big goals away at eventual play-off winners Norwich.

Aaron Kuhl also had some impressive moments as he too came into the team with no senior experience above under 21 level, while Jake Taylor helped secure some big points early in the campaign.