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Karacan Wants To Feel Valued

The club captain's contract expires this summer, but the latest from the player seems to indicate he's not happy with the club's offer on the table.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Jem Karacan has indicated that he's not happy with the contract offer that's been placed on the table, despite his contact expiring this summer and having made only eight senior first team appearances this season because of a knee injury picked up last season.

Alex Pearce, Adam Federici and Jem Karacan have all been offered new contracts, but the Turkish midfielder doesn't seem happy with it, as he told GetReading:

"I know I've been out for a long time but I still want to feel valued.

"The club have told me they want me to stay. I think they need to show that.

"I'm captain and I want to stay here. I love the club to pieces. If they give me something that proves that they do want me, hopefully we can get it done."

He hinted that he wants security for his future, with a one year deal not providing that.

"I need to have security. I need to know that the club sees me as being here long-term, not short-term.

"Everyone wants to feel valued. I've been here a long time and they know that I want to be here.

"I don't want to be signing for a year and then having the same questions happening again. I don't want that.

"It's horrible you asking me week in, week out, what's happening? Then going home and worrying about it.

"I love this club. I absolutely adore the place. The Madejski and Hogwood are homes to me.

"But if they want me they can make sure I know that I'm wanted. If they don't, I would like to think other clubs will."

Let's just hope a deal is struck, because Jem could be a key cog next season as Steve Clarke looks to build a squad capable of promotion next season.

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