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Championship Highlights To Move Channel

There'll soon be a different place to watch Reading highlights, with the Football League gaining a new highlights package on terrestrial television.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Big news for the Championship, with it being announced today that highlights of the Football League will now be shown on Channel Five. The new programme will start at an unusually early time for lower league fans - 9pm. That of course brings the Football League's Saturday night coverage forward into a prime-time slot for the first time.

With each show lasting 90 minutes, this means that you can now watch all the goals from the second, third and fourth tiers before Match of the Day starts on BBC One. It's bad news for all you fans of the Bhasin/Claridge double act though. This TV deal brings an end to the BBC's highlights show, tucked away in the middle of the night when no-one was still awake to watch it.

An earlier show is a big development for Championship, League One and League Two fans. Considering that the Championship is, financially speaking, one of the biggest leagues in the world, I'd argue that it doesn't get taken as seriously as it should be. This division is, typically speaking, tucked away behind the Hollywood appeal of the Premier League. Great exposure can surely only be a good thing?