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Weight Watcher: Clarke To Punish Pounds

The Royals' boss has warned players to watch their waistlines this summer.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Steve Clarke has warned his players that if they allow themselves to pile on the pounds during their holidays this summer, they won't be allowed to train with the rest of the group during pre-season.

He told GetReading:

"The players have to rest,they have to recuperate.

"But they also have to make sure that they come back in good shape.

"I'm not the type of coach who puts aside two weeks at the start of pre-season to get everybody back in shape.

"If they don't come in fit on the first day, they won't be involved with the group. They'll be jogging round until they lose their fat.

"I need everybody back in good shape. From day one we start working with the ball, we start working to become a better team."

Clarke also spoke about his expectations for next season and insisted that to succeed he'll need the backing of the board. He said:

"Like I said before, with 100 per cent backing from the people who own the club, I think I can build something decent here.

"I'll make myself an end of the season report. If I like it, I'll pass it on to the powers that be. Make a few recommendations about how we should go forward.

"We come back in at the end of June and we have to be ready to go."

We're just hoping it's more entertaining than the dross this season served up.

What do you make of Steve Clarke's comments? Are you a fan of his strict regime? Let us know below.