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Tweets Of The Season: Remember 2014/15

Like Tweets of the Week? You'll love Tweets of the Season. Hate Tweets of the Week? You'll still love Tweets of the Season.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

For those of you that follow Tweets of the Week each time, you'll know what happens by now. I sit on my backside and watch the Twitter world go by. Then I favourite some of the ones that are (a) interesting (b) funny or (c) weird. Then (supposedly...) once a week, I embed them all right here for your pleasure/punishment, depending on what you think.

Makes sense, right? Okay. So, without further ado, for the final time... We have Tweets of the Week Season!


Remember the kit reveal last summer? Blimey O'Reilly.

Remember the days where we couldn't make a permanent signing? Those days ended when Simon Cox joined.

Remember the days when we had so many injuries we had to fast-track most of our academy?

Remember when Jake Taylor became a superhero?

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenges?

Remember when @Beninhology got REKT?

Remember when Alex McCarthy left us to sit on the QPR bench?

Remember when JSK creeped out ol' Nige?

Remember when GetReading reporter Charles Watts gave birth to a baby? (No, not his missus. Him.)

Remember when the Thai takeover was confirmed?

Remember when Obita flat-out refused his missus' proposal to have a baby?

Remember when Reading FC and Swindon had 'bants'?

Remember when Alex Pearce got homesick (on FIFA)?

Remember when Gunter just wanted the ball?

Remember when McCleary signed a new contract?

Remember when Cech REKT this guy?

Remember when Jason Roberts tipped Alex McCarthy to be England's Number One some day? It's still possible, but...

Remember this gem?

Remember when this Rotherham fan complimented us? He was wrong.

Remember when the club remembered the fallen?

Remember when this was relevant and funny?

Remember when the latest Pro Evo got HRK so, so wrong?

Remember when we could reduce stress levels?

Remember when Pearce had an absolute nightmare?

Remember when Adkins joined Twitter having won two in 12?

Remember when we all loved Jake Cooper?

Remember when Andy Murray said he'd play for us?

Remember when Nigel Adkins got a photo with Miss Thailand? Stud.

Remember when Adkins was sacked?

Remember when Jimmy Kebe was rumoured to be our next manager?

Remember when Steve Clarke joined instead?

Remember when "persistent standing is banned"?

Remember when Drenthe finally left?

Remember when Lineker dropped our ball?

Remember when 'The Yak' arrived?

Remember when JSK hid in a bush?

Remember when this happened? (JSK needs to stop.)

Remember when the stewarding controversy happened?

Remember when this Liverpool fan was on the pitch longer than Gerrard that weekend?

Remember when we didn't sell out Wembley until the final days?

Remember when we were so close to being right?

Remember when #RyansRoyals trended?

Remember when we all got a bit excited about Wembley?

Remember when Wembley was blue and white?

Remember when we lost?

Remember #FlagsForFeds?

Remember when Federici got dirty?

Remember when this Ipswich fan promised?

And that's your lot. An odd season, a sad season with the odd twinkle, but a season that can definitely be improved upon. Let's hope 2015/16 is better.

Keep checking The Tilehurst End for irregular Tweets of the Week features—such as when we sign Nathaniel Chalobah on a permanent deal—and more.