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View From The Town End: Orlando Sa

We've already got the views of Chris Lash who's followed Orlando Sa's time in Poland, now we get the thoughts from a Fulham fan on what we can expect from the new Reading striker.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Here's what Kris Balkin from fellow SB Nation site Cottagers Confidential had to say about Reading's first summer signing.

When I saw Reading were linked with Orlando Sa, firstly I had to double take to verify it was really true and then, with confirmation, I let out a little chuckle. Even though he didn't cost us a penny, Sa was one of the worst signings in Martin Jol's Fulham reign and to see him then move, only three years later, for £1 million both humoured me and surprised me.

For what it's worth, when the Portuguese striker moved to Craven Cottage we were a Premier League team and a lot of his failures in London were borne from an inability to cope with the pace of top flight English football. He always looked slow and lethargic and though he did score a goal for us in his brief stint, he still appeared a hapless finisher.

Now a few years down the line, you'd have to hope he's sharpened up and, from what I can see, his goalscoring record has certainly improved since moving abroad. The Championship may well be more his level and he could potentially do well for you, I just wouldn't hold your breath.

Short on pace, Sa is more likely to be the kind of striker who can hold up the ball and bring others into play. I'm sure he'll pick up a goal here and there too, though.

Thanks again to Kris, and you can follow the boys from Cottagers Confidential on twitter @CottagersC