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Six Of The Best: Wimb's Favourite Reading FC Moments

Continuing our look at some of our readers' favourite Reading moments, TTE Editor Wimb looks back on some of his fond memories.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images


They say you always remember your first and for me the Reading team of 1994/95 will always be one of my favourites. From Hislop to Williams, Osborn and Gooding to Quinn, Lovell and Nogan, the team just seemed full of likeable and talented players.

Yet the one who I took to immediately was Scott Taylor. Never lightning fast, Scotty still had enough to beat his full-back, get a cross off or even drift inside and have a go himself.

He scored the first goal I ever saw from a Reading player which helped but perhaps the fact that he was to leave at his club peak just a few months later is why I still hold him in such regard. There have been better, more entertaining players and devoted players but Taylor represents that time when football just amazed me at every level.


Brendan Rod..... No, just kidding ;) It's hard to look past Sir Steve Coppell but as someone who was 300 miles away from Reading from 2004-07, I missed most of his most amazing moments so I don't have quite the connection that others have with the manager that brought us our greatest success.

Instead I'll have to say Brian McDermott because the run-in of the 2011/12 season was just awesome to watch and those away days at Upton Park and St Mary's will be very, very hard to top.


There's a few that come to mind here. Ady Williams' header against Charlton to seal second place in 1995 is up there, as was Matt Mills goals at Wembley in 2011. Yet ultimately it comes down to Alfie's second goal at St Mary's or Noel Hunt's strike to give us the lead at West Ham. In the end I'm just going to give the nod to Noel because I've never seen an away end party quite like that.


Going to sound like a broken record but again has to be the 4-2 win at Upton Park and the day that you really started to believe we could do. Honourable mentions go out to the 3-1 win at Tranmere in the 1995 Play-offs, and the win over Wigan at the Madejski in 2001.


I loved the 1995 kit that had the Reading badges shimmering across the blue and white hoops and the second Madejski era kit that we wore at Cardiff in 2001 is also a favourite. For away kits I loved the red from 2011/12 but overall I'll say that 1994/95 home strip.

Away Ground

Comfort and style wise it has to be The Emirates but it's a shame it doesn't have the atmosphere or history to match. At the other end of the scale, Yeovil was one of the nicest most welcoming venues I've been too while Bournemouth was also fairly cosy to visit.

Yet for some reason I really enjoy going to Molineux. Perhaps it was because it was the first 'big' stadium I visited as a Reading fan but the way the golden seats shone, the fact it still felt like a proper ground and Reading's not too shabby record at the ground always makes it a great place to visit... well when you're not getting objects hurled down from above as in 2003...


If you would like to share your favourite moments then please get in touch. All fans are welcome to take part.