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Reading Ownership Approval Rating - July 2015 Results

Nearly a year into the Thai regime, you're pretty happy with the job they're doing at Reading Football Club.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

For the last six months we've been asking you to rate Steve Clarke's performance as Reading manager - now, we thought we'd extend that to the Thai ownership at the club.

And almost a year into the project, you've given them a 3.76/5 rating, or around 75%. The club has been stagnant for the past year and many of the big contracts from the previous era are gone from the balance sheet. But the owners have shown they're willing to spend money, with both Nigel Adkins and Steve Clarke recruiting in numbers once given the "green light". And the plans behind the scenes are coming along well, though it'll take more than words and blueprints to fully placate the fans after the empty promises of Anton Zingarevich.

Thanks for all your votes - the results of the poll are below. We'll be running this in mid-September to see how things have changed after the transfer window...

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