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Clarke: Business Is Not Finished

The Royals are still interested in strikers Donaldson and Beric, but if neither come through there are other targets.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Looks like we've got a big summer ahead of us, folks, as Steve Clarke has confirmed to GetReading's Charles Watts that "business is not finished".

He said:

"The fact that we've been linked to these players and Nigel Howe has said bids have been turned down shows we are still working.

"But if it gets to the stage where the bids are not going to be good enough, then we have to move on to other targets.

"And we do have other targets that re not public. And you know me, that's the way I like it, when you can do your work under the radar.

That's certainly been the case with the likes of Sa and Bond, though Quinn and McShane were slightly more high profile given the tug-of-wars over both free agents.

Clarke continued:

"Business is not finished. The players we've got in have helped, but we want to do more.

"It was important to get business done early and we've done our business quite quickly.

"The fact that we got Jonathan and the other three boys in before we came here [to Thailand], I would class as early business.

For many fans, the business came fairly late considering the deadline but in the grand scheme of this summer's transfer window, you'd be hesitant to disagree.

Clarke also hinted that moves for both Clayton Donaldson and Robert Beric are still in progress.

Here's the most exciting part:

"But now you have the window open until the end of August and you can expect to see more movement around our squad."

Anyone else have happy feelings right now?

Reading FC will play a Thailand All-Star XI today, so stay tuned to The Tilehurst End for coverage of that and any transfer rumours throughout the summer.