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Transfer Rumour: Legia Warsaw Turn Down Bid For Nemanja Nikolić

Reports out of Poland suggest the Royals have returned to Warsaw with a bid for another international striker.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There are many reasons to visit Warsaw. The rebuilt Old Town is a beautiful testament to a city and a country that would not die. The Warsaw Uprising Museum tells the story of how the Varsovians suffered and heroically defended their city against the Nazi occupation.

A walk through the old Jewish Ghetto and Cemetery is a harrowing experience of the city's many ghosts. The once hated Palace of Culture and Science is now a symbol of the city. I could go on but it seems we can now add another reason visit Warsaw: Legia Warsaw strikers.

It was reported in Poland yesterday that the Royals are looking to sign their second Legioniści striker of the summer. In July Orlando Sa swapped the Vistula for the Thames. Legia replaced the Portugal international with Nemanja Nikolić from Hungarian side Videoton for a rumoured €500,000 (£355,000).

Nikolić was linked with Reading in January and he has certainly hit the ground running at Legia. In his first nine games he has scored six times and claimed two assists. That averages at him being involved with a goal every 78 minutes.

Nikolić's promising start seems to have recaptured the attention of the Royals scouts. The Polish press believe that Legia turned down a bid of €2 (£1.4) million from Reading.

We'll have to wait and see whether the rumoured bid materialises into something but if it does fans may ask why the club waited for Nikolić to perform in Poland before signing him. Warsaw is nice, but it's not so nice it's worth spending an extra million on a player.