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Sasima To Release A Song?

Remember Delia Smith's cry to Norwich fans? Well, Reading owner Sasima Srivikorn is going one step further...

Will 'They Call Us the Royals' be ringing out around the Madjeski Stadium on Sunday?
Will 'They Call Us the Royals' be ringing out around the Madjeski Stadium on Sunday?
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

We've seen football club owners and chairpersons make rallying cries and speeches before, most notably Norwich City's Delia Smith in 2005, but I don't think anyone expected Reading's very own Sasima Srivikorn to do something similar...

The Reading Chronicle's Paul Carey has tweeted this strange piece of news this afternoon:

Since being part of the Thai Consortium that took over the club last summer, Sasima, like all of the owners has remained relatively silent apart from giving a few initial interviews.

However, the 77 year old was educated at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, so maybe it's not much of a surprise that she is releasing a song. It is worth saying though, that there has been no official comment or statement from the club on the news.

Paul Carey also reports that there will be a free can of Carabao, the Thai energy drink that sponsor the Royals' home shirts, on offer for everyone at the Madjeski Stadium on Sunday for the game against Leeds United.

The song, entitled They Call Us the Royals, includes lyrics such as '"We're fighting the butterflies tonight" and "Unstoppably we burn within".

What do you think about the idea Reading fans? Will you be singing along on Sunday? Let us know your thoughts and favourite lines from the song below!