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The Tilehurst End Crystal Ball: Your Verdict

Over the past couple of weeks our editorial staff have been giving their five-year forecast for the prospects of some of Reading FC's youngsters. Today we look at how you thought they'd fare.

You can catch up with how our editors viewed each player in part one & here in part two.

Premier League bound....

Michael Hector (90.8%)

The vast majority of you think 'Big Hec' will be playing in the Premier League in five-years time and just 1 person who voted in our poll predicted less than Championship football for the Jamaican international.

Tariqe Fosu (73.7%)

Despite having played less than 90 minutes of Championship football, Tilehurst Enders are very confident that the young winger will be gracing the top flight in 2020.

Aaron Kuhl (58.9%)

The U21 Captain has similarly inspired the voters, with plenty of you high on the potential of the midfielder. His mooted loan move to Spain will only heighten those expectation levels but so far he's shown he's capable of rising to the challenges of professional football.

Stay where you are folks...The Championship

Dominic Samuel (69.5%)

He may have made his Royals debut in the top division but few of you are backing the striker to be back there in five years time. Just 14.7% of you are predicting a Premier League spot in 2020 with 11.6% tipping a League One future.

Jordan Obita (53.4%)

This was a player who really divided voters, with over 40% thinking he'd be a Premier League player with just over half saying the Championship.

Jake Cooper (61.5%)

A decent chunk of you (18.4%) thought Cooper would be playing at the top level in 2020 but far more of you saw the second tier as his likely landing point.

Niall Keown (54%)

A new three-year deal shows the faith the club's management have in Keown and Tilehurst Enders were similarly high on the full-back's prospects with the majority of you picking Championship football for the defender. However, more thought he'd be in League One (28.7%) than the Premier League (14.9%).

Aaron Tshibola (55.8%)

The man who played a big part in Hartlepool's great escape won't get himself out of the Championship according to you out there. Like Keown, more of you see him in League One (22.1%) than the Premier League (20%).

Craig Tanner (45.3%)

The tricky forward's stock has fallen after an indifferent loan spell at AFC Wimbledon but nearly half of Tilehurst Enders still saw Tanner playing in the second tier five years from now. 35.8% saw League One in his future, with only 5.3% tipping a Premier League future.

Jack Stacey (43.2%)

The winger just about slotted into the Championship category, though 37.9% of you saw him playing in League One five years down the road. Just 7.4% of you felt he'd be a Premier League player in 2020.

A step down.... welcome to League One

Stuart Moore (39.1%)

The player that we've seen the least of, somewhat understandably, was the lowest regarded by the voters. However, over a third of you did predict a Championship stint for Moore and 4% of you also felt he'd be a Premier League player down the line.


Other notes

What was very interesting to me was how few felt any of the 11 names we mentioned would be out of football or in the lower leagues by 2020. Only 10 votes were cast for being out of the game and just 9 for non-league. In fact nobody earned more than a 15% vote share to be in League Two in 2020! If that does prove to be true than Reading's Academy really will have shown its potential but personally I think we might all be (myself included!) a little over optimistic on a few players simply because they're our own.

Still, only time will tell and thanks to those of you who voted. Stick around till 2020 to find out just how right or wrong we were!