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Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Reading FC: The Alternative View

Were all Reading fans unanimous in their dismay at a late goal stealing away their first win? Were Sheffield Wednesday fans magnanimous in accepting the visitors were the better side? Here we find out with Dave's alternative view of the game.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

There is no doubt that in this day and age Social Media plays an active part in everyone's life - football is no exception and is a vehicle for fans to be ecstatic, a bit meh and also to breath a sigh of relief. From the social part this week, there are a number of main themes running through the Sheffield Wednesdays fans. These being ticket prices, the poor performance of their team and also a massive sigh of relief in getting a point.

So ladies and gentlemen without further ado, the Social Side

We will start with one of the main early talking points within the Owls fans that being the ticket prices, it seems that his has caused a little bit of a concern and a few raised eyebrows charging the home fans £33 for the game.

The sarcastic

and the annoyed

A lucky point and a poor performance

It seems that this season it's not only Reading fans who are massively frustrated by their team. After tonight's performance the Owls fans where all equal in their opinion of their team; the main difference between Reading and Sheffield is that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and arguably should have seven points on the board. This is their reaction to the performance and their realisation that they got lucky tonight.

Do you know where we can get one of these, think we might need one this season!

Scapegoat come good?

We all have a team scapegoat. Last season was shared by Hal Robson-Kanu and Nick Blackman, early season comments seem to continue this theme however undeserved/deserved dependent what side of the fence you sit on. But it was interesting to read one tweeters comments....

Glass houses and stones......

Then we always get the comments regarding Reading as a whole and teams' opinions of our "African Violet" kit, our general standard of play, and more importantly how we rate in the eyes of rival fans.

Well Mr James Woods: people in glass houses and stones, etc... Explain these!

and Oz since when did Sheffield become Barca?

There's only one.......

However the chant of the week has to go to Sheffield Wednesday, I mean talk about a name!

Time you have chanted that will be half time!


Looking at the reports from the Media, Sky Sports carry a fairly comprehensive report on the game, with a nice video highlights package, and how really we should have sown up the three points. Must be said though there are two cracking passes from HRK and Sa for the Williams goal.

The Daily Mail, also have a good write up and photos as well, labelling the game a "nondescript event," however they do say that the draw was totally undeserved. An interesting side line from the DM is also the story that both Sheffield Wednesday and Reading have Thai owners, and the two sons which "run" the clubs call themselves "brothers", There's probably nothing in it but the article is worth a read!

In true style as soon as Williams scores a goal or has a good game then the American outlets pick it up as this one from SBI shows, flying the flag for his inclusion in the US MNT (love the way they have to put Men's National Team as an abbreviation) in the upcoming games against Peru and Brazil. That could me an interesting match up if his now team-mate Paolo Hurtardo gets a call up!

The BBC also follow the same vein as everyone else, however once again the shots on/shots off totals making frustrating reading with Reading having 15/3 and Sheffield 4/2, which pretty much outlines that it was a poor night for the Owls and a draw is a bonus. For Reading fans, the worrying thing however is that this stat for the season now reads: 44 shots, 11 on target, two goals. At best, that is a pants return for that amount of chances made.

Normally the Official Reading website steers clear of controversy etc, however the title tonight of "Royals Robbed" on the gallery is for them a little "wow" and I can only think that they are as frustrated as we are! Their match report is up there and also worth a read.

Of the local news outlets; the Sheffield Star gives a fair write up to the game, which for a local outlet is rare. They comment on our well marshalled defence and call McShane "Outstanding" whereas GetReading has a quick summary but lead with the headline "Bond Howler". Although that makes a good headline, I have no doubt that Bond will save us more than he costs us this season.

Well that's me done for this week. I'll be back on Sunday with the reaction on social media and the news outlets for the Wimbledon MK Dons game.