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Brentford 1-3 Reading FC: The Alternative View

The Royals claimed their first win at Griffin Park on Saturday and here's Dave with the alternative view on the three points, the media's reports, and the controversial pitch.

They're all catching up on Dave's latest Alternative View
They're all catching up on Dave's latest Alternative View
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Much has been made of Reading’s much maligned forward line and especially Blackman in particular, and with the departure of our BFR, the focus was back on Blackman, Sa and HRK to bring home the points, and they did with style. Two from Blackman, a first strike for Sa and a much improved performance from Hal Robson-Kanu, saw the Royals catapult up the table, with a message being sent out by our forward line.

As ever we begin with the social media reaction before seeing how the major news outlets reacted to the game.


Looking at the Brentford Twittersphere, there are three points which seem on trend; firstly there is #pitchgate, having postponed one game, relayed the pitch and then up pops Gunter and pulls a piece up! Secondly there is a distinct lack of warmth towards to the ref, and last but not least there is the Bees' performance.

In regards to the ref:

Always an interesting perspective


Surely ensuring that a pitch is playable is probably a good idea before a game...

The game and the team...

Sounds like Reading last season!

Sure they haven’t employed ether Adkins or his PR Spin team?

So in a nutshell the Brentford fans weren’t happy with the Pitch, the Ref or life in general, so we will leave them to fester for two weeks.


The West London Press, start us off this week, who call it a sloppy 20 minutes followed by the Bees dominating the 2nd half. Our friends over at the BBC take a totally different stance, saying that Brentford rarely looked like clawing their way back into the game, amazing thing perspective!

Around the corner at SkySports and they go one step further calling it a comfortable win, also offering the usual video pack. Football365, run with Brentford manager Dijkhuizen having a pop at his players in the press, saying that they were "so poor he didn’t recognise them." Finally ESPNFC carry a fairly comprehensive report and also comment that Button was lucky only to get a yellow card for the late penalty foul.

So we go into the International break with a team in good form and our first win of the season, we are back on a Friday night with a home match against Ipswich, after which we will have the next instalment of Alternative View.