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Steve Clarke Approval Rating - August 2015 Results

You've never been so positive about Steve Clarke's management of Reading Football Club.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

This is the sixth of these polls that we've run, and previously Steve Clarke's best rating came after his first month in charge, as he quickly steadied a sinking Nigel Adkins-led ship and steered us towards defensive solidarity. In March and April, FA Cup dreams came true, but the nightmares came in the League as indifferent performances led Reading towards their worst finish in the last fifteen or so years.

Well, with plenty of backing from the Thai owners, a great deal of new signings and some solid showings (if not consistent results) on the pitch, optimism has never been higher at the club. And that's reflected in your latest rating of the Reading boss - 4.23 out of 5, the highest rating you've ever given him. 4.15 was the verdict on the 1st of February; seven months later he's surpassed that peak. Hopefully results can start to turn around and then we can see if this reinvigorated squad can deliver on the clear promise and potential it's showing at this early stage.

Thanks as always for voting and commenting. Results of this month's poll, as well as previous editions, are below - and stay tuned for next week when we'll be launching our second Owners' Approval Rating!