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The Tilehurst End Finalists In The Football Blogging Awards

You've voted for us and we've made it to the finalists! Now we need you more than ever.

The Football Blogging Awards are back for 2015 and we here at The Tilehurst End want you thank you for voting for us. We are now confirmed FINALISTS in the awards ceremony.

The Tilehurst End is a finalist in the Best Established Football Blog in the 2015 awards. Now, more than ever, we need you to vote for us.

Do you like what we do? Voting is totally free and takes less than a minute to do. Each and every vote counts and we're extremely thankful for every individual who takes the time to do so.

Vote now

Alternatively, you can vote on Twitter:

So what are the Football Blogging Awards? According to their website, they are:

An annual awards ceremony, the Football Blogging Awards were created to recognise and award the best football blogs around the world.

With unique voting methods the Football Blogging Awards are the only awards designed for football blogs and websites that are 100% voted for by fans.

There are hundreds of thousands of football websites, of which the majority are managed purely for the love of the game. The Football Blogging Awards are designed to reward these unsung heroes.

The categories for voting in the Football Blogging Awards are: Best New Football Blog, Best Video Football Blog, Best Young Football Blogger, Best Visual Football Blog, Best Football Forum, Best Football Influencer, Best Established Football Blog, Best Football Podcast, Best Football Club Blog, Best Gambling Football Blog and Best Social Football Account.

Don't think we're worthy of a vote? Let us know by emailing We strive to improve every day and your feedback is much appreciated.