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Reading FC 0 - 1 Derby County: The Alternative View

After a chest thumping good win on Friday night our Tuesday night hoodoo reappeared. A red card, one goal and Derby went home with the three points.

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Well that was coming back to earth with a bang. The important thing is that the team learn how to deal with adversity summed up quite nicely by Wendell Phillips who said  "What is defeat? Nothing but education. Nothing but the first step to something better."

A lot has been said on social media regarding the Sa sending off and the reaction to it. What’s interesting is no matter which club you support there are the same issues that all the fans react to.

Once again it’s interesting to see the reaction from the game by both the Twitterazzi and the media outlets and below is a selection for your enjoyment!


Fans perception of games always provides interest and different aspects……..

So two massively positive tweets from the Rams faithful, then we temper that with….

And to put an honest opinion of the game…

It always amazes me the different perspective that fans have!

It’s also interesting that every team has a scapegoat, normally a flair player that isn’t performing. Ours is Hal Robson Kanu, who continues to divide the Reading faithful and it looks like Tom Ince is fulfilling this role at Derby.


Post goal…..

Amazing what a goal can do.

Then we have the downright cheek.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it.


As usual on Champions League weeks the media pickings are a little slim and the nation’s media seems to revolve around this competition! But as you can imagine all the headlines are about the Orlando Sa sending off, and starting with the Daily Mail this is no exception. They comment that it’s an "apparent" head butt, and Derby where a little cautious after the red card preferring a patient build up.

The Football League Website carries an interview with Paul Clement admitting that the "pendulum swung" after Sa’s red card and that he was pleased with Derbys reaction to the sending off.

When we look at SkySports they also have a video review of the game (not the sending off unfortunately), but still shows that we did have a few chances, albeit that they were mostly long range efforts. However the swerve on Nick Blackman's effort, is worth watching alone.

HITC Sport carry an interview with Paul Clement, saying that he was pleased with Tom Ince chipped in with a goal.

Stats always play an important part of today’s football, and ESPN nicely do this with a series of stats and also they have a report of the game, but if stats are your thing then head over to Squawka, where you can see a detailed breakdown of all the facts and figures of the game, and to be fair we do actually come out quite good in it!

Looking at the local outlets and the Derby Telegraph say that it was largely honours even before the red card and after Derby scored we did have chances to equalise. GetReading as you would expect carry a wide coverage of the game and point the finger straight at Sa for the loss with most of the report about that. They also have Charles Watts doing a video piece about the game.

Finishing off with the BBC, once again we seem to be in the BBC’s good books with lots of praise for us, right up till the red card, when they say that we pushed hard but to no avail.

That’s if for this week and I will be back on Sunday with (hopefully after a win) another review of the media and Twittersphere from the game at Bristol.