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Reading FC Tweets Of The Week: Nick Blackman v2.0 And Fighting Butterflies

A fortnight's worth of the very best tweets from that internet thing.

Yep, it's been that kind of fortnight.
Yep, it's been that kind of fortnight.
Jacob South-Klein

Last Wednesday you were sat at your computer, repeatedly clicking that refresh button and waiting for Tweets of the Week to pop up on the homepage of this here website. Eventually, once it struck midnight and you realised you had work/school in the morning, you gave up and went to bed. In the morning, you gave it one more hopeful refresh. Nothing. Hoops has failed you and you may never forgive him.

Please, forgive me. Life has got a bit busy recently.

To make it up to you, I bring you a BUMPER EDITION of this fine (errr?) feature where I flit about on Twitter and favourite tweets I can embed in this page on a Wednesday.

Since the last edition of Tweets of the Week…

…Orlando Sa has featured in the FIFA 16 Team of the Week.

…Chris Gunter did something golf related. I don't know much about golf but here it is.

…Hal Robson-Kanu has joined #TeamFIFA for one fairly obvious reason.

…These two Reading fans cycled from Reading to Bristol in honour of #21ForDolan.

…This happened.

…McShane was bloodied.

…This blast from the past occurred.

…Hope Akpan joined the Blackman v2.0 Bandwagon.

…GetReading went a little OTT.

…Blackman v2.0 was dubbed the "Championship Sturridge".

…This Reading Chronicle reporter got 'bantered'.

…Then left.

…Reading fans everywhere were going into meltdown over the performances of Clarke's men.

…This chap dug a few elbows into these former Royals.

…Reading FC Women were promoted and their former star player Fran Kirby said congrats.

…Vydra looked a bit odd.

…and yes, this happened. This glorious, beautiful, wondrous thing actually happened.

… Oh, and this did, too. It all got very weird.

That's your lot.

Tweets of the Week needs your input. If you're on Twitter and see an interesting, funny, quirky or generally superb tweet that deserves a spot on this column, quote the tweet and mention @RoyalHoops.