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Your Reading FC Player Of 2016/17 So Far

We asked you which Reading player would take the honours based on the first two-thirds of the season.

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A couple of weeks ago, we invited you to vote for your Reading FC Player of the Season so far, now we can reveal the results!

We gave you eight possible selections based on the top eight from our Tilehurst End Player Ratings to that point. That meant nominations for Ali Al-Habsi, Callum Harriott, Liam Kelly, Yann Kermorgant, Paul McShane, Garath McCleary, Liam Moore and John Swift. Voters could then rank their top three in order of preference, so we've given five points per first place vote, three for second and a single point for third.

Here's the results.

First Place Votes Second Place Votes Third Place Votes Total Points
Liam Moore 49 34 18 365
Garath McCleary 50 33 12 361
Ali Al-Habsi 25 29 24 236
L Kelly 14 17 19 140
Y Kermorgant 11 17 26 132
P McShane 10 10 18 98
J Swift 10 9 21 98
C Harriott 0 6 1 19

So Liam Moore comes out on top after a very tight battle with Garath McCleary, while Ali Al-Habsi comes a clear third. McCleary actually earned more first place votes but because he was only on 95 ballots compared to 101 from Moore, the defender snuck ahead.

What's both surprising and pleasing here, is that both men were left off nearly half the votes entirely. It goes to show that while there are stronger contenders than others, plenty of players have put together strong seasons worthy of consideration. Alternatively, maybe it's that nobody has been so outstanding that they automatically deserve a top three vote....

Whatever the case, players have still got 12 league games and hopefully three more in the play-offs to sway voters but for now congratulations to Mr Moore.