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View From The Town End: Martyn Waghorn

With Martyn Waghorn linked with a January move to Reading, we got the thoughts of Rangers SB Nation blog Got The Battle Fever On.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Waghorn never seemed to really work out in his time south of the border, do you think he's progressed since moving up to Scotland?

Yes, probably. Mark Warburton has constantly said since he signed that he just needed to be playing games, and he's been right, as he's looked better and better as the season has gone on. There's no doubt that he deserves his goal tally and he's been a really impressive player for us.

What's his best position?

He played as a forward when he first arrived, but now the team uses a very, very fluid system which more often sees him on the right wing to cut inside on his left foot. He's a really good player with the ball at his feet, and he's good across the whole front three, which not many players can do without looking like a square peg in a round hole.

Basically, I'd say that if you've got a team that's struggling to create chances and you need a forward to be direct and score goals, he might be a great signing for you. If you've got a team that's creating a lot of chances but not putting them away and need someone to finish them off, he's probably not the right player

Anything that might hold him back from doing well at Championship level?

Waghorn is actually a really weird player. He's been the most prolific scorer in Britain, and yet most Rangers fans will tell you we need 'a clinical goalscorer.' The reason for that is that he has missed a lot of chances too. Every second game with Rangers, about 70 minutes out of 90 are spent on the attack with both teams entirely in the opposition area. The strange thing about Waghorn is he very rarely scores from crosses and cutbacks, where he struggles to hit or head the ball first time. He makes up for it by being superb with the ball at his feet and in making space for himself, but the worry is that against better opposition he won't find it as easy to make space and shift the ball past defenders.

Most importantly, do you think there's a chance he does go this window and if so, what would you expect him to go for?

It depends. If Rangers get a decent offer they might take the easy profit, but our only two other strikers at the moment are an ancient Kenny Miller and a promising youngster. Goalscorers are hard to come by, and with it being the middle of the season and us not that far clear in the league, we might decide that there's no point in selling him now - he's probably going to be just as in-demand, if not more so, in the summer. Personally I'd be surprised if he went this window, unless a significant offer was made.

Many thanks to Callum Hamilton from Got The Battle Fever On, who you can follow on Twitter: @BattleFeverOn