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View From The Town End: Milton Keynes Dons

Can Reading go and break their winless away streak at Stadium:MK? We get the views of Dons fan Matt.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

The two teams ground out a 0-0 back in August, what did you make of Reading that day and from what you've seen since?

A bit of backs to the walls on our part, but a really good point in hindsight. We could have even won the game when Church hit the post. Reading might have felt they deserved a win, but our keeper Martin made some good saves and we were happy with a point.

How's our old chum Mr Church getting on as Stadium:MK?

Two goals in all comps this season. He just doesn't look a threat, especially as a lone striker (a system we usually play). Good runner, and good to have in the squad, but the form of Nicky Maynard has kept him out the starting XI.

Which Dons player should we be wary of on Saturday?

Aforementioned Maynard is starting to get back to his glory days. New signing Forster-Caskey on loan from Brighton is a good prospect, and Rob Hall has a lot in his locker. However I expect a lot of changes from the side who got, frankly humiliated by Burnley on Tuesday.

Any Reading player you're not looking forward to facing?

Would have been Nick Blackman... Other than than than Stephen Quinn is a threat given his premiership pedigree. I think i'm more worried how well Reading might link up given your new manager's history with the club. He can pull a team together.

Score prediction?

If we play to our potential, at home we should win 1-0 or 2-1. However if we fail to turn up. You can expect an easy win.

Finally any tips for Reading fans making the trip up?

Arrive in plenty of time and you should be ok. No pubs around the ground, but beer is reasonable inside the stadium. Make sure you enjoy yourself and sing as loud as you can, as it makes us sing louder!

Thanks again to Matt who you can follow on Twitter @TheRealVinnie