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Piazon Charges Dropped

Toronto Police have dropped their charges against Reading's loanee Lucas Piazon.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Great off-pitch news for Reading, as playmaker Lucas Piazon has seen all charges against him dropped by Toronto Police. Because of that, the state-wide arrest warrant has also been rescinded. The charges relate to the 2015 Pan Am Games, during which a sexual assault allegedly took place.

Piazon's legal counsel issued the following statement criticising the allegation...

"This unsupportable and irresponsible allegation by Toronto Police wrongly and unfairly tarnished Mr Piazon's unblemished reputation. Prior to the announcement the police knew that the decision to withdraw the charge was inevitable. The decision to withdraw the charge - on the basis that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction - reflects the thorough and profession examination of this matter by senior and experienced Crown prosecutors.

"The Crown's guidance had been sought - but clearly ignored - by the police prior to their October press conference. It is both regrettable and unacceptable that the police chose to disregard the balanced and fair-minded assessment made by the Crown, and to defiantly proceed to announce charges when the conclusion had been reached that the evidence could not justify a trial."