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Reading FC 1-0 Bristol City FC: The Alternative View

As the song sort of's a new year, a new day and 3 points to the Royals. Here's how the social and media scenes saw Reading's win over Bristol City.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Reading historically have been known as late goal scorers. Therefore it should come as no shock to anyone when Nick Blackman pops up with a 90th minute winner! This may well have masked another iffy display with neither side really troubling the keepers much. Reading with 19 shots (3 on target), and Bristol City with 8 shots (0 on target) hardly shows that Reading can score the goals to make the playoffs or that Bristol can score the goals to stay up.

However, as the old adage goes winning games when playing poorly is a bonus, but when you look at who these wins have been against then it’s open to debate. Anyway it is three points, we are now closer to the playoffs than the relegation dogfight and a good cup run and some league form might cheer us all up!

The Bristol fans' views centered around whether to sack Cotterill and also that their goal was disallowed for offside (probably a little in that as well!) and a players' poll, as well as Simon Cox!


Manager's the eternal question!

Then there is always the manager that you might get…….

A more analytical view of the managerial issues…..

Doomed! We're all doomed! - Private Frazer anyone? (For those not born in the 70’s/80’s google it!)

Looks like Blackman managed to upset the manager!

All together now…….Sweeeeet Caroline

He’s one of our own…..


Again scapegoats anyone?


Stats are a wonderful thing and this week I am starting with Squawka, as you get an interesting perception of the game and who has performed well. Sometimes surprising and sometimes expected it’s actually worth looking at as they do a game by game analysis.

A basement battle this early in the season draws little coverage and this game was no exception. Our form and that of Bristol’s leave little to inspire the sporting press and this week’s highlights are as usual Sky who reckon we dominated the game without being threatening and missed far too many chances. They have a good video of the game as well and at 1.52 is longer than we usually get.

Interesting takeaways from that coverage is that Vydra did miss a couple of sitters, however on more than one occasion his tracking back was excellent and the tackle that led to the goal was exquisite.

The BBC’s report as usual is factual and they have an interview with McDermott which is worth a listen; it seems from that that he is firmly behind Vydra.

Looking at the other reports then there are ClubCall, who falsely credit Williams with the pass to Blackman, and Sporting Life whose report is all about Vydra. ESPN FC’s effort is basically a hybrid of the Sky and Squawka ones.

The national press are in blissful ignorance of us and the only place we get a mention online is at the Daily Mail and they give us, wait for it - 3 lines!! That my friends is a record. However there's a nice picture of Blackman with Quinn and Cooper so there you go.

Looking at the local papers then, The Western Daily Press seem a little miffed that they lost and reckon that neither side deserved to win, and that City were naive. Get Reading seem to be understandably a little more upbeat, and hold Cooper out for praise and rightly so for an outstanding performance. With Hector going off to Chelsea we have a ready made replacement in Cooper to bring into the team.

A slightly abridged version today, however a good FA Cup game should hopefully give us some more coverage on the weekend.

See you all at Huddersfield!