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Samuel Returns To Gillingham

Dominic Samuel does a Grampa Simpson and goes straight back out on loan to Gillingham.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Yesterday, we brought you news that Dominic Samuel had returned to Reading following a loan spell at Gillingham, but that he might be heading out again shortly. Well, he has done... back to Gillingham. The young striker has today rejoined the Kent side until January 28th...

Grandpa Simpsons gif

It's unsurprising news, considering Brian McDermott's thoughts on the matter. The new (/old) Reading boss recently said that...

"We [Reading] need to speak to Gillingham, we need to speak to Dominic and we need to have a conversation ourselves between the staff, the owners, and everything about what we're going to do. Dominic has done really well and he's scoring goals. What I don't want to do is stop Dominic's progress. If he's playing for Gillingham and he's scoring goals and I bring him back and don't used him as much, that's not good for him."

That's good to hear - with the possibility of funds arriving from the sale of Nick Blackman, Reading shouldn't be in any rush to bring Dominic Samuel back. His development seems to be going well at Gillingham, so extending his loan deal until the end of the month makes sense for all parties. Plus, as I saw mentioned on Twitter, the new expiry date does mean that Reading could bring him back if a replacement for Blackman isn't forthcoming.

What do you make of this news? Is it a good move for Samuel and Reading? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @TheTilehurstEnd