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No, Reading FC Won't Be Signing Derby Defender Pearce On Loan

But it makes so much sense.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

You wouldn't know that the January transfer window is open, would you? Only everywhere you look is filled with rumours and gossip, some even going as far as to make up links to players and sell articles as "players YOUR team could sign." Please. However, sometimes they're just plausible enough to seem likely.

Alex Pearce returning to Reading on loan, as touted by Derby Telegraph. The player is unhappy at Derby, where he's made no starts since joining, he used to play for Reading, Reading have some injury concerns over their centre-backs. Done deal, right?

Well, strong evidence suggests not. Reading's central defence situation is actually pretty sturdy at the moment, former Premier League players Paul McShane and Anton Ferdinand are well-regarded if frail, and ably backed up by Jake Cooper and Michael Hector, who seems to be going nowhere himself. Furthermore, manager Brian McDermott doesn't want any more loan signings, as referenced in the link to Arsenal attacker Alex Iwobi, via GetReading man Charles Watts.

After all, we have SIX loan players already. That's one more than you can legally fit into a matchday squad.

So, no, Reading won't be signing Alex Pearce on loan in January. Bah humbug.

How many more rumours will we have to dismiss this month? Stay tuned to The Tilehurst End for what will actually happen at Reading FC.