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Hunty's Column: How To Survive The International Break

Finding yourself bored in this international break? Our columnist Johnny Hunt tells you how to make the next few days fly by before domestic football returns!

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

International Breaks? I'd rather have a Kit Kat & watch the mighty Royals!

So here we are, into the second break of the season and gone are the Saturday & Tuesday games of old. These days it seems pretty much a free for all when a game is played and that's got nothing to do with when certain television companies can show the top games I'm sure!!

What it does do is interrupt our weekly fix of Reading FC and leaves us twiddling our thumbs on a Saturday afternoon looking at lower league football trying to find an on-loan or ex-Royal that can soothe our craving! However luckily due to the current ability of the team we do have the enjoyment of watching a few of them represent us for their various countries throughout the break!

Sadly I'm sure there is a minority who look at it as a stress free afternoon because when we aren't playing that means we can focus on doing the housework, shopping or even spending time with our loved ones, but why would you want to do that?!

So don't worry, all is not lost - here is Hunty's top five tips for surviving the international break:

1) For the techno kids out there get stuck into playing as Reading on FIFA 17 and recreate Paul McShane's mazy dribble

2) For the older generation get the Subbuteo out and do the same stamp on a few players and call yourself Terry Hurlock.

3) Get the 106 point season DVD out and lock yourself away in Reading FC heaven. Play and repeat until the break is done and dusted!

4) Play Karaoke Royals and relive our greatest hits: The Royal Anthem via They Call Us The Royals

5) Dust off the boots, gets your mates together and get to the park to recreate those dream Reading FC moments such as Murty's penalty vs QPR in 2006 or Lambert's incredible run vs forest in 1997

If all else fails, get yourself to the Winchester, get a cold pint and wait until it all blows over!