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Jaap Stam Approval Rating - October 2016 Results

The big Dutch man has kept impressing since he arrived in June.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

This is the third poll we've run during the Jaap Stam era, as you tell us how you're feeling about his management of the club. And to put it simply, this is the happiest you've been with him during his four month tenure. An average rating of 4.09 is what you've given him in October, higher than the marks of 3.71 in September and 3.83 in August.

With the Royals sitting comfortably in the top half of the table and looking hard to beat, positivity is certainly growing around the Madejski Stadium that Reading could be on the rise again. An eight-game unbeaten run might have been ruthlessly ended by Brentford, but that doesn't dampen the fact that Stam has turned things round and got this team playing, and playing well.

Thanks as ever for all your votes - the results are listed below. We'll be back in a month's time to see how you're feeling about the next chapter of the Stam era...

Previous Ratings (out of 5)

October 2016: 4.09

September 2016: 3.71

August 2016: 3.83

Brian McDermott high: 3.81

Brian McDermott low: 2.55

Steve Clarke high: 4.15

Steve Clarke low: 2.71