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View From The Town End: Nottingham Forest

Theodore Smith, from Forest Boffin, gives his take on The Reds' start to the season, their chairman and which player will be key for them at the Madejski Stadium this weekend.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

How has the season gone for you so far?

This season began with a brief spark of hope, followed by suffocating shambles after shambles after shambles; and it's not even November yet!

At no stage have we looked a balanced side capable of challenging for the top six, however once our outstanding youngster Oliver Burke was sold (and to be fair, an objective look at the facts tends to point that he wanted to go) the early excitement of watching an attacking side which couldn't defend, has faded to the morbid curiosity of peering through ones fingers at a much less threatening, dejected side, who still can't defend.

You've finished lower in the league each season since 2013, and had nine managers (including caretakers) since the start of the 2012-13 season. What are the main reasons behind the apparent lack of progress, is it personnel, management, ownership?

Many Forest fans will tell you that the lack of progress had been due to the mismanagement of owner Fawaz Al Hasawi. I agree; although it's not "in my opinion" (I have to say that because this is an emotional subject for some, and I get shouted at) the full story.

There isn't much doubt that our owner has no idea how to run a football club, in fact he seems to have the uncanny ability to make the worst possible decision at the worst possible time, as well as being, frankly, negligent in the administration of the business. He is undoubtedly holding us back.

However there is a lot of exaggeration and rumour spouted about him - not helped by so far unsubstantiated (and even in parts rescinded by the source) reports from the press. Also, this is the guy/family who bailed out the club at it's darkest hour.

Personally I can't bring myself to condemn an owner who has paid for Forest's presence at this level for the past few years, even if he is also the reason we haven't made progress. We were dead and buried if he didn't come along, and I can't believe I'm the only one that's grateful to have been going to the likes of Reading instead of Rochester. Sorry that's taken up so much room but it's more complicated than many would have you believe.

What have you made of Philippe Montanier's time in charge so far?

Our manager is doing his best, but the team is disillusioned and he's being hampered by the poor running of the club. Difficult to judge him on this season.

So far you're winless on the road, and have conceded the second most of any team away from home. Is there any reason your away form is so different from your home form (scored joint most goals scored in league at home)?

I don't think our home and away PERFORMANCES are they different; out strength is in attacking - the more Forest have to defend, the worse they will do, and as we naturally defend more away, that's where we look a complete shambles.

Who could make the difference for Forest on Saturday?

If David Vaughan plays he will hold things together a bit more for us in the middle of the park, he's hands down our best player, and will give us the stability and solidity to at least attempt to keep you under a couple of goals. We've plenty good enough to cause you problems going forward, but without any discipline off the ball you won't have any problem offsetting this. We cannot defend.

What's your score prediction?

Reading 3 Forest 1. Closer if Vaughan plays.